Strength & Conditioning

The Importance of Strength and Conditioning Training

As all boxers will know, a good Boxer is a fast Boxer who is able to make fast and explosive movements. This strength and speed is essential when evading opponent’s punches and launching their own attacks.

Whether you are training to get in shape or to become a boxer, the same fundamentals of fitness apply. Improving your fitness through strength and conditioning will improve not only your ability to perform, but your posture and accuracy as well. The fundamentals behind this are simple:

To improve your strength, you should be focusing on weights.
To improve your conditioning, you should be focusing on cardiovascular exercises.

The Difference Between Strength and Conditioning

At the BTK Boxing gym in Rochdale, Manchester, we look at this first by stripping back fitness to the very basics. It can be easier to think of strength and conditioning as the difference between quality and quantity, both crucial for achieving fitness and improving your boxing, but both providing a different service.

Strength training, making your muscles stronger, will allow you to run and punch faster, making your movements more explosive and increasing the power behind each hit. Conditioning, determining how long you can repeat your explosive movements for, will control how long you can hit before your body becomes too tired. Consequently, both are equally important for a boxers training.

The Importance Of Strength Training

Incorporating strength training into your workout, whether you are trying to become a boxer or simply get in shape, does not mean that you will turn into the hulk. At BTK Boxing Academy in Rochdale, we are firm believers that no matter what your goal is, strength training should be incorporated into your fitness routine.

We find it better to think of strength training as a form of resistance training, whether this be free weights, your body weight or resistance-based equipment. Strength training also includes push-ups, squats or sit-ups.

Strength training not only makes your muscles, bones and joints stronger, improving your overall health, but also improves the quality of your workouts, improving your fitness and making better use of your time in the gym. By improving your fitness workouts you will strengthen your muscle, which will help you to burn more calories throughout the day and ‘tighten up’ areas that seem impossible to budge by endless hours on the treadmill.

The Importance of Conditioning

Rather than focusing on the condition of your muscles, conditioning focuses on the condition of your heart. By incorporating high-intensity cardio into your health and fitness routine, your body is able to maintain high intensity exercise, such as boxing, for longer.

When you are focusing on conditioning, your heart is forced to pump more blood around your body for a prolonged period of time to maintain the exertion. Like any muscles in your body, if they are not adequately trained for what you are asking of them, they will tire. Training your heart to maintain high intensity exercise will strengthen it, improving the ‘quantity’ or your training, as it is able to pump the required oxygen to your muscles to keep them moving. By regularly having your heart rate up, your overall heart function will also improve.

Strength Training…

  • Strengthens your muscles, joints and bones
  • Improves overall health
  • Improves the quality of your workouts
  • Makes more efficient use of your time in the gym
  • Burns more calories throughout the day
  • Tightens areas impossible to budge by cardio alone


  • Strengthens your heart muscle
  • Improves movement of oxygen to your muscles
  • Prolongs the duration of time you can maintain high-intensity exercise
  • Improves overall heart function
  • Burns calories